So many jobs, so little time

Do I finish planting in the established garden space first? Put up the new feed rail in the barn? Get the truckload of straw bales I need to expand the garden into an area full of tree roots (where I can’t dig in the ground, in other words)? Clear the weeds out of the area where I want to plant the corn? Go to the hardware are store for more hoses so I can more easily water what I’ve already planted?

The hardware store trip won, once it got too hot to do much outside, and I need not just hoses, but six trellis panels for the maypops to grow on in the back yard. The trellis’s will also provide shade for the west side of the trailer in the hot afternoons. Will have to get Nick’s help to put them up, and the maypops have already been shipped, so I need to get going on supports for them. The last time I had maypops, the deer ate them all, not just the fruits, but plants and all. Now that area is inside a 5-foot chain link fence, so I only have to worry about the cats climbing up the panels. If it will keep them from leaping up to the gutters to get on the roof, I wont mind.