Strawberry time!

I have two strawberry pyramids this year, and once I get some other things relocated, I’m going to add at least one more. They may not be quite as efficient as rows, in terms of the space they take up, but I like the appearance. I have concrete pavers around each one, and they’re like little islands next to the apple and pear trees. This is a good strawberry year so far (meaning the guineas haven’t discovered them yet, lol). I won’t have enough to make jam, and freeze all I want, and eat them straight off the plant, and, and, and–you can never have enough strawberries, after all. But I’m happy with two pyramids full, and I’ll be even happier with three.

They’re all June-bearing plants, though when I set up the third pyramid, I might consider adding a few of the everbearing type. I had those before, and found the hype (Strawberries All Summer!) not to match the reality. Yes, sporadically all summer, there were a few berries. That’s all. There were never enough for a batch of jam, or even to justify putting a bag of them in the freezer.  It was nice to be able to pick a few to eat out there in the yard now and then. But in general, it works better for me to have them all at once and be done with.