Looking for some goats?

With great reluctance, I’ve decided to cull my herd of LaManchas. Taking care of and milking as many as I have now has proven to be more difficult than I anticipated, and as my health continues to deteriorate, I feel as though I need to get them settled somewhere else while I’m still able to care for them. I’ll post pictures soon, but here are the descriptions:

Cupid: first freshener, had twin bucklings this year. Black with white belt, good natured, a bit hesitant about the whole kidding and nursing business but she has a good udder and adequate teats for hand milking. She is dried off now, but gave more than enough milk for her kids.

Charlotte: first freshener, one buckling this year, kidded on her own without problem, has been a great mother and will nurse other does’ kids as well as her own. She has a sweet personality and I’ll be very sad to see her go. She has adequate teats for hand milking if you’re experienced and patient, but would do better with machine milking. She is good on the milkstand, no jumping around or fighting. Coloration is dark brown with a badger face. May have papers.

Flash: Charlotte’s five-month-old buckling, solid black except for a white topknot. Sweet tempered like his dam and sire, disbudded.

Laurence: six-month-old buckling, son of Tabby (one of the does I’m going to keep). Very good-natured, will follow people around like a puppy, NOT disbudded. Should not be purchased as a pet! May have papers.

Love R Goats L’il Paint: otherwise known as Willie. 14-month-old buck, sired Laurence and also Cupid’s bucklings. He is a very unusual reddish color, hence his official name, with splashes of white. Comes with papers.

Dymble: 14-month-old buck, son of Love R Goats Tinker Bell, whom I am keeping. He sired Flash, and is another sweet tempered buck. Smoky gray, beautiful, well built.

If I can find the service memo for Tinker Bell’s first breeding, then Cupid will have papers too.

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