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something different–lava eruption in Iceland

The most recent shot of the lava eruption in Iceland.

Looking for some goats?

With great reluctance, I’ve decided to cull my herd of LaManchas. Taking care of and milking as many as I have now has proven to be more difficult than I anticipated, and as my health continues to deteriorate, I feel as though I need to get them settled somewhere else while I’m still able to […]

Bumbling along

Bean beetles in the potatoes, forgotten plants in the greenhouse, a hydrangea that’s been replaced twice and still isn’t growing. Irritating, but probably not major problems. The plants that were forgotten died, of course, but some of them have been replanted and others will have to wait for the fall garden. That was the worst […]

Slow progress

There’s always more to do than time to do it, but things are coming along. My orders of herb plants from¬† Raintree and Horizon Herbs have arrived, and of course, I don’t have places to put everything yet. Then a friend gave me six beautiful mature goji roots, and I had no place to put […]

Strawberry time!

I have two strawberry pyramids this year, and once I get some other things relocated, I’m going to add at least one more. They may not be quite as efficient as rows, in terms of the space they take up, but I like the appearance. I have concrete pavers around each one, and they’re like […]

So many jobs, so little time

Do I finish planting in the established garden space first? Put up the new feed rail in the barn? Get the truckload of straw bales I need to expand the garden into an area full of tree roots (where I can’t dig in the ground, in other words)? Clear the weeds out of the area […]

Sprung has sprung. Maybe

I look back now on my casual comment about a worse winter than usual, and wonder whether I jinxed myself. It was the worst winter in many years, and it just wouldn’t go away. In fact, parts of the country are still under snow. I went through all of this year’s firewood and most of […]

It’s fall and the … mice … are coming

EWWWW! I took a baking pan down from the top shelf of my pantry shelving, and found it coated with a thick layer of mouse droppings. Before I could prevent it, the droppings spilled out in a black nasty shower, and because the shelving is one of those chrome open wire affairs, they fell down […]

Preparedness files back online

When I closed down the old blog, I saved the files, but didn’t expect to ever post them online again. I’ve reconsidered that decision and made some of them available once more. The files are not complete,¬† and I don’t have time to update them as I would like to, but they are at least […]

Life, and death

My grandson and I “processed” (in other words, slaughtered and butchered) seven chickens on Friday. It wasn’t a pleasant experience for any of us, least of all for the first chicken, the Rhode Island Red rooster. Nick didn’t cut deep enough for him to bleed out quickly, and I ddn’tnotice until after the rooster had […]