Girls’ Pixie Hood

Girls Pixie Hood, with attached scarf

Materials: 2 (1 oz) skeins of Shetland wool, 1 pr. of no. 9 knitting needles

Gauge: 9 sts make 2 inches, 6 rows make 1 inch

Directions: Using double yarn, cast on 30 sts.

1st row: K across
2nd row: P23, K7 (front edge)
3rd row to 15th rows inclusive: Repeat 1st & 2nd rows alternately 6 more times, then the 1st row once more.
* 16th row: P18, k12
17th row: K across
18th row: P17, K13
19th row: K across
20th row: P16, K14
21st row: K across
22nd row: P17, K13
23rd row: K across
24th row: P18, K12
25th row: K across
26th row: P23, K7
27th to 33rd row: Repeat 25th & 26th rows, alternately 3 more times, then the 25th row once more.

Repeat from * 2 more times; repeat the 25th & 26th rows alternately 3 more times. Bind off.

Tie: With double yarn, cast on 2 sts. Work in garter st (k each row), increasing 1 st at end of each row until there are 12 sts on needle. Work straight until piece measure 22 inches in all. Decrease 1 st at end of each row until 2 sts remain. Bind off.

Press pieces through damp cloth. Fold head piece in half and sew back edges together. Sew center 9-inch edge of tie along lower edge of hood, leaving 4-1/2 inches on each side of back seam.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Thank you for the pattern.

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